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R&D, production and sales of petrochemicals and their derivatives


JiangSu Evergreen New Material Technology Incorporated Company was founded in 2010, located in Zhenjiang Dagang International Chemical Park, NO. 3, Qinglongshan Road, Zhenjiang New District, with the beautiful Yangtze River nearby.

Evergreen is the leading industry chemical manafacturer and supplier dealing in 1: poly-monomers as crosslinkers, 2: plastic Auxiliary agents,  3: oil field and refinery additives and 4: specialty  driers . And main products include: 20,000t/a Divinylbenzene, 30,000t/a mixed diethylbenzene , 10000t/a vinyltoluene (methylstyrene) & vinylethylbenzene, 15000t/a Alpha-methylstyrene; 20,000t/a Triphenyl phosphite and its’derivatives ; 20,000t/a Oil Refining agent and oil field agent; and 15000mt specialty  driers, and also organic synthesis intermediate such as M-diethylbenzene. And the poly-monomers is widely used in manufacture of ion-exchange resin which is used in purification of water, treatment of waste water, softening hard water, refining amine acid and antibiotics, removing metal ions from waste water and etc. It’s also used in strengthening the hardness of the resins and so on. Triphenyl phosphite and its derivatives are widely used in or as stablizers, anti-ageing agents and anti-oxidant, and which are mainly used in PVC products and other resins for plastics, as PE、PP、ABS & SBS and etc . and some of which are also mostly used as intermediate for other esters ,alkyed resins and pesticide, specialty driers mostly used in coatings and paintings.

And Evergreen supply to the domestic and international market through an unwavering focus on Quality ,commitment & Delivery, having a sound guality insurance system . as a stable and reliable supplier with the certificate of ISO9001、ISO14001、OHSAS18001,Reach and import & export licence and “jiangsu high-tech enterprise”. Evergreen also cooperate with universities and research institute to develop new technology process of the production and produce better quality products with better performances and meet the demands of our customers and clients. Evergreen will work hard and strive to be the leader in quality and customer service.

Evergreen has always followed the business philosophy of "createing value for customers and makeing Evergreen Evergreen ", making ourself a trustworthy Strategic partners, grow together with customers.

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