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R&D, production and sales of petrochemicals and their derivatives


Polyurethane elastic curing crosslinking agent dimethylthiotoluene diamine

Time: 2020-05-22

HC Plastics News: Recently, a new type of polyurethane elastomer curing crosslinking agent has appeared in the chemical industry, which has attracted many overseas customers to place orders, many of which are directly placed by American customers, and signed a long-term supply cooperation agreement with Yarui Chemical . The chemical product developed this time is called dimethylthiotoluenediamine (DMTDA). It is another major chemical masterpiece developed by Zhangjiagang Yarui Chemical Co., Ltd. for a long time. This is a huge breakthrough in domestic curing agent technology. It is of great significance for driving the development of the domestic curing agent crosslinking agent industry, expanding the domestic market share of independent curing agents, and further opening up overseas chemical markets.

The dimethylthiotoluenediamine (DMTDA) product developed this time is integrated with the most advanced technological process at present, and its excellent performance in various aspects can be comparable to the only international liquid curing agent Ethancure300 (abbreviated as E-300) produced in the United States. Ideal replacement for Ethancure300. Polyurethane elastomer has two segments of soft and hard structure, which can be molecularly designed, and gives DMTDA curing agent material high strength, high toughness, wear resistance, oil resistance, etc. Excellent performance. In addition, compared with the commonly used MOCA, dimethylthiotoluenediamine is non-toxic, has good processing performance, and excellent mechanical properties of the cured product. It is a low viscosity liquid at room temperature and can be suitable for construction operations at low temperatures. The chemical equivalent is low, it is an environmentally friendly and low toxicity liquid diamine chain extender, which better matches the national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, and its applicable advantages are obvious. According to the introduction of relevant technical personnel from Yarui Chemical DMTDA is widely used in many fields, such as polyurethane elastomers, RIM (reactive injection molding), SPUA (sprayed polyurea elastomer) and adhesives; it can also be used as an epoxy resin curing agent, and is now widely used in polyurethane adhesives Roller, medicine, stamping, etc. In addition, it can be used in the automotive, construction, coal mine, metal mine, textile, paper, printing industry.

The polyurethane material used by Yarui Chemical's new product DMTDA belongs to the emerging organic polymer material, and has excellent performance in thermal conductivity and flame retardancy. It can be widely used in manufacturing, coating industry, construction industry, textile footwear industry, Automotive industry and other fields. In recent years, my country's polyurethane industry has developed well. According to related reports, during the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", polyurethane will develop rapidly, and domestic demand will increase significantly. With the lifting of the dimethylthiotoluenediamine as a designated item by the US EPA, the global annual demand has increased significantly, and the market demand for dimethylthiotoluenediamine using polyurethane as a raw material has undoubtedly expanded. The liquid curing agent ETHACURE300 produced in the United States has become the preferred choice of many large demanders because of its performance. The dimethylthiotoluenediamine (DMTDA) developed by Yarui Chemicals is comparable to ETHACURE300 in performance and has a price advantage. It will undoubtedly become the first choice for domestic buyers and overseas buyers. The example of quickly attracting American customers to purchase shows the future market prospects.

The new product research and development party Zhangjiagang Yarui Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, a national health city. The reporter interviewed that this new product development is also an important step in the long-term strategy of Yarui Chemical Co., Ltd. The general manager of Yarui Chemical Company unabashedly stated that the company has been adhering to the corporate philosophy of "integrity, persistence, and innovation" from the beginning of its establishment, and has continuously developed new advanced chemical products. It looks forward to becoming a benchmark in the chemical industry and able to use its own The limited power has made a meager contribution to the development of domestic chemical industry, and joined hands with domestic small and medium-sized chemical companies to expand the domestic market and enter the major overseas markets together.

The products currently produced by Yarui Chemicals include: dimethylthiotoluene diamine (DMTDA), p-chlorobenzoic acid, 4-chlorobenzoic acid (PCBA), triphenyl phosphite (antioxidant, stabilizer TPPi), triphosphate Ethyl ester (flame retardant TEP), triphenyl phosphate (flame retardant TPP), tris(2-chloropropyl) phosphate (flame retardant TCPP), triisobutyl phosphate (TIBP), trimethyl phosphate (TMP). Its products are widely used in the production and processing of plastics, rubber, grease, paints, textiles, synthetic resins and various types of cellulose, giving products with high flame retardancy, plasticity, oxygen resistance, refractive index and wear resistance The application of the product involves many fields such as construction, decoration, aerospace, power, oil, lubricating grease, etc. It is mainly used in polyurethane series products and gasoline and lubricant additives, rubber and plastic flame retardant conveyor belts.

Out of the company's long-term strategic considerations, currently 80% of the company's products are mainly export trade. As we all know, American customers have always high requirements for product quality and service, so why have Yarui Chemicals been selected as the supplier alone? According to company insiders, many US customers have established long-term cooperative relations with Yarui Chemicals this time. In addition to the comprehensive service of Yarui Chemicals, most of them are inseparable from the excellent quality and affordable prices of DMTDA products. The current business of Yarui Chemical Co., Ltd. is relatively extensive. It has business relations with the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Egypt and other countries. There are many long-term fixed overseas customers. Every new product developed is loved and followed by many customers.

With the continuous development of the global chemical industry and fierce competition in the domestic and international markets, "technological innovation drives industrial development", "emphasis on energy conservation and environmental protection", "healthy and harmless chemical products", "innovation and development of chemical equipment" and other national policies Consistent practices are the general trend of the industry, and the development prospects of chemical companies in the right direction like Yarui Chemicals will be huge.

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