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R&D, production and sales of petrochemicals and their derivatives


Triphenyl phosphite

Structural formula:
Characters: Colorless to slightly yellow transparent liquid, slightly phenol odor, insoluble in water, easily hydrolyzed to produce free phenol when exposed to moisture, easily soluble in organic solvents such as alcohol, ether, benzene and acetone, and has an absorption effect on ultraviolet rays.
Quality Index:
Chroma(Pt-Co): ≤60
Density(ρ425) 1.180-1.186
Refractive index(nD25): 1.5850-1.5920
Freezing point: 19-24
Acid value (KOHmg/g): ≤0.50
Use: This product is a chelating agent that is widely used. It is widely used in various PVC products. It can keep the transparency of the product and can inhibit the change of color. At the same time, it can increase the antioxidant and light and heat stability of the main stabilizer. . In addition, this product is also used in PE, PP, ABS, SBS and other products, and can be used as pesticide intermediates.
Range of use: 1. PVC industry: cable materials, door and window materials, sheets, gussets, agricultural film, mulch film, etc.
2. Other synthetic materials industry: as light and heat stabilizer or oxygen heat stabilizer.
3. Others: compound liquid and paste compound stabilizer, chelating agent deep processing, etc.
Packaging and transportation: This product is packaged in galvanized barrels with a net weight of 200 kg per barrel. It can be transported by agent. Users are also welcome to come to the company to mention it.

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